Bconomy for Discord

A fresh, fun, full-featured Discord Bot and social economy game
that is currently being played in more than 33,142 communities!


Social Engagement

Unlike other economy bots, Bconomy encourages interacting with other server members through trading, factions, and friendly competition. Enhance your server's activity with collaborative gameplay!

Ranks and Levels

Bconomy allows users to rank up as they progress through the economy system. Higher ranks let you earn more Bcoins and gain powerful abilities! Fight against other users for #1 on the global leaderboards.

Awesome, Massive Factions

Join forces with your friends and make your own faction! Factions allow you to rob users with more power, build your own naval force, and get a massive shared vault for storage, and even sail the high seas as a pirate.

Organic User-Driven Markets

Bconomy features a user-based orderbook for items, creating an organic market for in-game items. The bot also supports a wild, dynamic stock market simulation that lets you live out your trading dreams!

Chill Farming and Cute Pets

Want to focus on relaxing earning methods? Bconomy features tons of cute pets which will fetch you money while AFK. Farming is also a highly effective - just remember to water your crops once in a while!

Tons of Games

Feeling lucky? Gamble, guess jackpot numbers, participate in the lottery, and play scratch-off tickets to win it big. Or, challenge your friends to a rock-paper-scissors game with your wallet on the line!

Partner Servers

These communities are huge Bconomy fans! Check them out for giveaways, trading, and more.

 Bcommunity - Official Community Server 🌟

 The Farm - 58,000 Members

 Dank Daily - 72,000 Members

 A CN - 77,000 Members

Bconomy's bot operators are not responsible for any interactions that occur in these servers. Want your server on this list too? Check out our Partner Program! Join the Support Server for more information.

Want awesome perks?

Bconomy is a passion project run by a single developer - support is appreciated! Get perks in return, including a fully customizeable profile (custom banner, rank title, emoji, color, and tagline), booster items, giveaway money for your community, customizable server features, and so much more.

Help & Support

Have any questions about Bconomy, donor perks, your account, or need help with anything else? Join our Discord Support Server and a staff member or developer will be with you right away!