Bconomy Terms of Service

Up to date as of November 1, 2022

Please carefully read these Terms of Service (the "Terms") that govern and define your (the "User", "Users") access and usage of bcono.my as well as associated services and applications (the "Service", "Services")that are operated by UY Interactive LLC (the "Owner", "we", "us", "our"). By accessing or using the Service, you understand and fully agree to all Terms stated in this document. Violation of these Terms may lead your loss of access to the Service. UY Interactive LLC reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without any prior warning, and it is the responsibility of the User to ensure they are up to date with changes to these Terms. We reserve the right to add or remove features, access, and functionalities from the Service at any time, and we may suspend or stop the Service altogether.

Access to the Service is explicitly denied if Users are:

UY Interactive LLC reserves the right to restrict or entirely terminate any User's access to the Service at any time, at our discretion, for any reason, regardless of whether it is stated in this document. We reserve the right to terminate and erase user account access and data at any time without prior warning.

UY Interactive LLC may provide certain Virtual Goods ("Goods") or Exclusive Content ("Content") that is accessible within the service. Users do not have any ownership over these Goods, which are granted on a revokable, limited, personal basis. These Goods are for sole use within the Service and its ecosystem and cannot used for external purposes or redeemed for external value. The Owner of the Service reserves the right to modify, regulate, or remove the Goods assigned to a User at any time at our discretion.

While using our Service you may encounter content and media generated by other Users. We cannot be held liable for any effects or harm caused by the viewing or access of external content and user generated media. User-generated content that does not conform to the Guidelines will be removed and may lead to the suspension of the User's account.

The "Bconomy" trademark and all other media and assets associated with the Service are intellectual property owned by UY Interactive LLC and protected under United States law unless otherwise stated. Reproduction of content found on our Service is forbidden without our express written consent.